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A Week of Releases!

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A Week of Releases!

We’ve got a whole whack of releases for you guys from lots of great events. Look below for details and SLURLs. Have fun!


For The Mens Dept, the Manly Chair comes with four different pillow options for you to choose from, and even some adult animations for those feeling a little more frisky.


Serafilms showcases The Godfather II, and Cheeky Pea has the Mikel chair available in three different tones, each with four pillow textures and 15 animations in total.


And finally, we’ve got the best for last, The Seasons Story! The Whitby Pergola and Garden has so many details and little goodies that it’s not possible to put them all into a single post! Like always, there are PG and Adult versions up for grabs, as well as all the individual pieces.


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Floatin’ With FaMESHed

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Floatin’ With FaMESHed

Another round of FaMESHed is upon us, and Cheeky Pea has the perfect summer accessory to make any body of water the summer hang out this season.


The Nairn Summer Raft is perfect for day time tanning or night time drifting, and comes with six different texture options for the blankets. Of course, you can pick from Adult and PG options, and even a bare dock for you to decorate yourself!

Get yours now at FaMESHed!

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New Stuff, New Things!

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New Stuff, New Things!

Two of our regular events have new releases, and are now available! Both FaMESHed and The Mens Dept are in full swing


Both items have several colour change options to pick from, and are available, as always, in both PG and Adult versions, meaning that there’s something for everyone.


Also, for those who have purchased the bench before this post, an update is available. If it has not been sent to you, please head to your nearest redelivery terminal!

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Weekend Releases!

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Weekend Releases!

So much stuff to tell you guys about! Two awesome events and one in store special that can only be found at the mainstore. Keep reading!


At FaMESHed is a perfectly beachy living room, perfect as we move into some hotter weather. I dunno where you guys are, but for me it’s been damn hot! PG and Adult versions are available with lots of wonderfully summer like details.


For the Fantasy Gacha Carnival is the Alchemist, coming with 10 different things to collect, and one rare to chase! Great for RP or even in your home if you separate all the little details.


And for the return of The Neighbourhood is the amazing greenhouse that everyone has been asking about. Only 200L for Saturday and you can only get it at the mainstore.

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Weekend Releases!

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Weekend Releases!

Okay, so they aren’t really weekend releases, but who cares! Two awesome things out at two awesome events.

Emergency Towel

The Seraphim Social‘s theme this round is The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, so be sure not to forget your towel. Don’t panic!


And for the Seasons Story is this adorable little outdoor bistro set, complete with table, chairs, decor, and a unique, creative chandelier to give any room a fun, playful vibe.

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Lots Of New @ Cheeky Pea!

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Lots Of New @ Cheeky Pea!

Cheeky Pea has a ton of releases lately, all at your favourite events; FaMESHed, The Mens Dept, and The Home Show!


First are these amazing Daniel and Daniella chairs, coming in two styles each. Lots of colours to be had, which means it can fit almost every style you’re going for! These little buggers can be found at FaMESHed.


Next, at The Mens Dept, the Saul Bed can be found in two versions, PG and Adult as usual. Lots of sexy little details, like the iron decals, shelves, and the lights above the pillows.


And lastly.. The Home Show! We have this amazing little skybox. While the wall of books is an amazing detail, there is a empty version included, making it able for you to fill the shelves with all your favourite things.

Happy shopping!

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Get Cozy @ The Mens Dept

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Get Cozy @ The Mens Dept

Another awesome round of The Mens Dept has started, and Cheeky Pea has the perfect place for you to cuddle up this weekend.

Shae Cozy

A big, comfortable chair that’s built for two, the Shae Cozy features a dozen single animations, 7 couple poses, and in the adult version another 7 erotic animations. It even includes a moving blanket that will shift with certain animations!

This is only available at The Mens Dept, so head on over for the March round!

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