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Lots Of New @ Cheeky Pea!

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Lots Of New @ Cheeky Pea!

Cheeky Pea has a ton of releases lately, all at your favourite events; FaMESHed, The Mens Dept, and The Home Show!


First are these amazing Daniel and Daniella chairs, coming in two styles each. Lots of colours to be had, which means it can fit almost every style you’re going for! These little buggers can be found at FaMESHed.


Next, at The Mens Dept, the Saul Bed can be found in two versions, PG and Adult as usual. Lots of sexy little details, like the iron decals, shelves, and the lights above the pillows.


And lastly.. The Home Show! We have this amazing little skybox. While the wall of books is an amazing detail, there is a empty version included, making it able for you to fill the shelves with all your favourite things.

Happy shopping!

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Get Cozy @ The Mens Dept

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Get Cozy @ The Mens Dept

Another awesome round of The Mens Dept has started, and Cheeky Pea has the perfect place for you to cuddle up this weekend.

Shae Cozy

A big, comfortable chair that’s built for two, the Shae Cozy features a dozen single animations, 7 couple poses, and in the adult version another 7 erotic animations. It even includes a moving blanket that will shift with certain animations!

This is only available at The Mens Dept, so head on over for the March round!

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Wishful Thinking @ FaMESHed

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Wishful Thinking @ FaMESHed

In preparation for Spring, and in a bit of wishful thinking, Cheeky Pea has created this beautiful outdoor living space, complete with lots of lovely little details perfect for the seasonal change that I imagine every single one of us is waiting for.


Only available at FaMESHed, the Salcombe Gazebo has a massive amount of animations for you to play with; just over 100 combined animations in the adult version of the set!

This beautiful gazebo features large glass windows, lots of seating, a gardening sink, and lovely gauzy curtains.

You can only get it at the March round of FaMESHed!

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Bennet Chaise and Mirror for the Seraphim Social!

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Bennet Chaise and Mirror for the Seraphim Social!


Available in 2 separate tones (light or dark) for the Seraphim Social!

22 singles, 17 Couples, 20 adult (in adult version) mod.copy

Available at the Seraphim Social!

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Debbie Does TMD

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Debbie Does TMD

Cheeky Pea is excited to participate in another awesome round of The Mens Dept, and we have a uniquely refurbished set perfect for any music lover or bohemian junkie.


Each chair comes with 11 single animations, 6 couple animations, and even  8 erotic animations in the adult version. The unique drum set inspired light is also working, so it’s not just a fun piece of decor!

Only available at the February round of The Mens Dept.

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So Events, Much Release, Wow

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So Events, Much Release, Wow

Cheeky Pea has a ton of awesome releases to kick off the beginning of the month.

Two amazing collaborations with two of our favourite stores at two fabulous events, FaMESHed and The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival.


First, this amazing garden and backyard set is a collaboration with Consignment that can be found at FaMESHed. Tons of amazing little details here, including a beautiful fire pit and adorable decorative dragonflies that can be used just about anywhere.

Vampire Slayer

Next, in a collaboration with Eleventh Hour, is the Vampire Slayer Kit, which can be found at The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival! This set is composed of 9 pieces, which includes one rare. Everything is transfer, so trade with friends and protect the grid from vampires!

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Photo Contest Winners!

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Photo Contest Winners!

The judges sat down last night and went through all the fantastic submissions using Cheeky Pea items, eventually narrowing it down to three favourites based on lighting, photographic technique,  set up, and creativity.

An amazing prize total of 20,000L and 6 months of new releases was up for grabs, and three lucky people were able to get their hands on a portion of the goodies.

Cheeky Pea is happy to present our first, second, and third place winners!

First Prize


Snowed In by

Snowed In by Achilles Jefferson and Elvira Kytori

Second Prize


Outdoor Living by Lundy

Outdoor Living by Londinia Leistone

Third Prize



Cheeky Pea Photo Contest by Takuma Kawashima

Thank you to all those who participated, and congratulations to the winners!

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