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Commonly Asked Questions!

My stuff is MISSING! I didn’t get it!!

There is a redelivery terminal in the main store.

Where IS your store?!


Spam me with your links pls!!

Ok! Flickr Group, Blog, Facebook, and Plurk!

I get an error when my partner tries to sit! It says “No Room To Sit”. How do you fix this?

There is a bug with SL that sometimes comes up with this error and it’s reeaallllly easy to fix. Just grab this.

How the heck do I buy a gift card?

Read all about it here!

How can I use Store Credit?

It tells you here!

My things are disappearing when I back up!

Go to your Preferences box and turn on Advanced. Turn the Slider up to High.
Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 09.50.27Alternatively, you can go to Advanced – Show Debug Settings, type in RenderVolumeLODfactor and change it to 4 or 5.

Are you looking for bloggers! Can I rent from you!?

Sometimes but not always! It’s random at best! If you’re interested in being a blogger contact Valena Vacano and she’ll get it all organised and I will have a look when we do get around to organising the blogger list. I lose stuff so it’s really best not to send it to me or else it will probably never get looked at and I’m Crashy McCrasherperson. Just a note – if you don’t currently blog furniture or credit it, it’s unlikely to grab my attention. :)

I have a question  not answered here! Who do I contact?

For The Nest, Cheeky Pea, and if you want to yell please contact Valena Vacano. That’s Valena. She’s nice. She has cookies. (not really but she will help you.) Cheeky Pea problems/concerns/all to Valena . She is the store manager and she is WAY more organised than I am. I’ll lose it. I really do mean that. Sorry :/ I never log in on Sundays. if you need assistance then I ask you to have patience as I’m spending time with my RL family. :)

Please don’t IM me with just a Hi. If you have a question, just ask. If you need help and I’m online, I will help you. A random Hi doesn’t really help your or I and I’m unlikely to respond without knowing what is going on.


More will be added to this page over time. It’s a work in progress!  Thanks!

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